Air quality

The Environment Act 1995 states we must regularly assess air quality in East Lothian to verify that we meet standards for various pollutants. These include:

  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • particulate matter (PM10)
  • sulphur dioxide (SO2)

We report annually on ‘air quality objectives’. These are health-based standards that pollutant levels should not exceed.

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

An order declaring an air quality management area came into effect on 13 November 2013.

The air quality order covers the area around the High Street (A199), Musselburgh from its junction with Newbigging and extending westwards to the junction with Bridge Street and Mall Avenue.

The Scottish Government has established a Scottish Air Quality website, which gives real time information on air quality in Musselburgh High Street and other areas in Scotland.

Air Quality Action Plan and reports

In February 2017 the Council published it’s Air Quality Action Plan for Musselburgh. The Plan outlines 13 measures which the Council has identified to tackle road traffic related pollution in Musselburgh and ensure pollution is reduced to acceptable levels.

View and download all the Air Quality Reports

Report a Smoky Lorry or Bus

If you are concerned about the emission of smoke from a bus or lorry, you should visit the government website. On the government website there is a form that can be filled out, submitted and the complaint investigated by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Fill out a Report a Smoky Vehicle form online