Contaminated land

In order to tackle the legacy of historically contaminated land, legislation requires the council to inspect its area, from time to time, for areas of potentially contaminated land.

Following advice and principals set in the Scottish Government's statutory guidance, sites are prioritised for detailed investigation and where contamination is found to be causing an unacceptable risk to human health or the wider environment, the council has powers to ensure that suitable remediation is carried out.

In 2001 we produced a contaminated land strategy which set out our procedures for dealing with contaminated land. This strategy was updated in October 2012 (subject to formal approval) to reflect the current status of contaminated land issues within East Lothian.

Download the contaminated land strategy

All land that is officially designated as being contaminated will be placed on a public register.

For more information on contaminated land please visit the Scottish Government's statutory guidance website.

Development of contaminated land 

The development of contaminated land where there will be a change of use is dealt with through the planning and building standards regulations, however, the council has a duty to inspect land which may be contaminated, and must ensure that land redeveloped through the planning process is suitable for use.

If you have any questions about land contamination in East Lothian you can contact the council's Contaminated Land Officer.