Protecting tenant deposits

Landlords are required by law to lodge any breakages deposit charged to your tenant into one of three Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes:

The Landlord must lodge the funds within 30 working days of the start of the tenancy. If they fail to do so, or fail to provide the tenant with the legally prescribed information, then the tenant may lodge a claim in the Sheriff Court via the form of a Summary Application.

Tenants may lodge this claim in the Sheriff Court at any time during their tenancy or for a period of up to 3 months following the end of their tenancy.

Where it can be shown in Court that the Tenant paid the Landlord a deposit and that the landlord did not lodge that deposit with one of the 3 approved schems, then the Sheriff must award the tenant Up to 3 Timnes the amount of the Deposit in compensation. The Sheriff would also order the landlord to lodge funds equivalent to the amount of the deposit with one of the 3 schemes.