Extension of licensed hours

If a premises licence holder wishes to open the premises later than the current hours listed in their operating plan, they must apply for an extension of hours.

East Lothian Licensing Board has the power to grant general extensions for all premises of licensed hours in connection with a special event of local or national significance. Normally this is granted at Christmas.

Who Can Apply?

The holder of a premises licence can apply for extended hours but it will only be granted if there is a special event being held on the premises or a special event of local or national significance.

How to Apply

Please download the application form below, complete and return with the fee of £10.00.  Applications must be lodged more than 14 days before the event.

What Happens to an Application?

The Board must send a copy of the application to:

  • the Police
  • the Licensing Standards Officer.

The Police have 10 days from getting the application to object if they want to and the licensing standards officer must comment on the application.

Because of these minimum time periods late applications cannot be accepted.  The Licensing Board may hold a hearing to determine the application if there are objections.

Downlaod extension of hours application form