Licensing Standards Officer

This is a post created by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. Each Council must appoint at least one Licensing Standards Officer (LSO) for its area. The functions of the LSO are:

  • to provide interested persons with information and guidance concerning the operation of the Act
  • to supervise compliance by the holders of Premises and Occasional Licences with the conditions of their licences and the requirements of the 2005 Act.
  • to provide mediation services to avoid or resolve disputes and disagreements between Premises and Occasional Licence holders and any other persons.

An LSO has a right to enter and inspect licensed premises and inspect substances, articles or documents in licensed premises to determine whether activities carried on in any licensed premises are in accordance with the terms of the licence and the 2005 Act.

An LSO may issue a notice to the holder of a premises licence or occasional licence requiring action to be taken to remedy any breach of a licence condition which an LSO believes has been or is being breached. If a premises licence holder does not comply with the notice, an LSO may make a premises licence review application. An LSO may also apply for a premises licence review on any grounds relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives.


The Licensing standards can be contacted using the detail below:

Tel: 01620 827478

Mobile:  07774 435158