Gambling Licence guide

East Lothian Licensing Board is responsible for all gambling licensing and deal with:

Premises licence

There are five types of Premises licence available for gambling:

  • Betting shops, including Track Betting
  • Family Entertainment Centres (gaming machine arcade)
  • Bingo Halls
  • Adult Gaming Centres (gaming machines for adults only)
  • Casinos

To be able to apply for a Premises Licence you must already have an Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission and have the right to occupy the premises.

Before you complete the application form you must have had a notice placed outside the premises for at least 28 days.  You must also place an advert in a local newspaper within 10 days of making the application and notify all ‘responsible authorities’ within seven days of making the application.

When you are ready to apply, complete the application form and send it to us along with the fee and layout plan.  You will also need to confirm to us that you have notified all the ‘responsible authorities’ and send a copy of the newspaper which the advert was in.

Premises application form

Notice of Application Form A

Notice of Application Form B

Premises Variation application form

Premises Transfer notice

Temporary Use notice

Family Entertainment Centre application form



There are five types of Permits available for Gaming Machines:

  • Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre (UFEC) – for the use of unlimited category D machines only.  The permit expires after 10 years.
  • Licensed Premises – for the use of more than 2 category C or D machines.  This permit lasts as long as the premises have a Premises Licence and the holder of the permit continues to hold that licence.  There is an annual fee to be paid for this type of permit.
  • Automatic Entitlement – allows up to 2 gaming machines of category C and D on licensed premises.  There is no application form but you must notify the Clerk to the Licensing Board, in writing, if you require this, and pay the relevant fee.  The entitlement is granted indefinitely unless there is a change of circumstances such as a change in ownership (transfer of the Premises licence).  If that is the case, a further notification has to be made.
  • Club gaming – a club is a members club or miners welfare institute bur not commercial clubs.  A permit is required for the use of category B or C machines on the premises.  The permit lasts for 10 years and an annual fee is paid.
  • Club machine – if a club does not wish to have the full range of facilities permitted by a club machine permit or if it is a commercial blub, it may apply to have gaming machines of categories B4, C and D, up to a total of 3 machines.  The permit lasts for 10 years and an annual fee is paid.

Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre application form

Club Gaming application form

Club Machine application form

Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit


Small Society Lotteries

Small societies can hold a lottery to raise funds for their organisation.  A small society organisation must be:

  • For charitable purposes; or
  • For the purpose of enabling participation in, or supporting of, sport, athletics or a cultural activity; or
  • For any other non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain.

Many societies and organisations use lotteries for fundraising, such as totes, draws, raffles etc.  If you intend to hold any of these types of fundraising event you will ned to apply for a permit.

If the application is granted, it will remain in force until 31 December of the year you apply.  To renew a permit, you are required to notify the Licensing Authority, providing details of any changes to committee members.

A returns form is required to e completed for every lottery you hold and must be completed and returned to the Licensing Authority within three months of the date when the draw took place.


Lottery application form

Lottery Returns form


Fee list for Gambling applications

Gambling Statement of Principles 2022-2025


**Please note: licence application fees are non-refundable**