Why is your child to go to a hearing?

The decision that a child is to attend a hearing is made by the children's reporter for your area. Children can find themselves with problems for a number of reasons, the grounds (legal reasons) for bringing a child or young person before a hearing is:

  • beyond the control of parents or carers
  • at risk of moral danger
  • or has been the victim of an offence, including physical injury or sexual abuse
  • likely to suffer serious harm to health or development through lack of care
  • misusing drugs, alcohol or solvents
  • not attending school regularly without a reasonable excuse
  • subject to an antisocial behaviour order and the Sheriff requires the case to be referred to a children's hearing
  • has committed an offence

How does the reporter make the decision to refer your child to a hearing?

The reporter gathers information about your child such as information from school, police, health agencies, and details of family circumstances. The reporter will consider all of the information carefully and will have decided that your child needs the kind of help, guidance or control which can be arranged by the children's hearing.