What happens at a hearing?

The Hearing is all about you!

You will have the chance to tell Panel Members how you are and what you would like to happen.

It is important the Panel Members hear what you have to say.

The Panel Members will listen to everyone at the Hearing and will make the best decision for you. They will tell you what is going to happen and why.

If Panel Members are worried about you, they might make what's called a Compulsory Supervision Order (Supervision Requirement). This is a legal document which means that the Social Work Department or the Local Authority must be involved in your life and that they are responsible for looking after and helping you.

Most children on a Compulsory Supervision Order (Supervision Requirement) stay at home, but if the Panel Members are very worried about your safety, they might decide that you need to stay in another place for a while to keep you safe from danger.

Other important information

It is important that the relevant persons (e.g. the parents) should be present at the hearing so that they can take part in the discussion and help the hearing to reach a decision. Their attendance is compulsory by law, and failure to appear may result in prosecution and a fine.

Although the proceedings are private, a person from the press is allowed to attend the hearing, but may be asked to leave the room if the hearing decides it is necessary in order to get the views of the child, or if the child may be distressed by their presence. The press is not allowed to disclose the identity of the child.

Other observers may attend a hearing, but nobody is admitted unless they have a legitimate concern with the case or with the hearings system and have the agreement of the chair of the hearing, the child and the child's family.