Children's Services Section 10 Funding

Section 10 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 allows East Lothian Council to make contributions, by way of grants or loans, to any voluntary organisation whose sole purpose is the promotion of social welfare.

Before submitting an application for funding you should ensure your proposal:

1. meets at least one of the East Lothian Children’s Services Partnership Priorities as follows:

  •  we will improve children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  •  we will support parents, carers and families to be more resilient
  •  we will reduce inequalities for our children and young people within and between our communities

and 2. fits in with at least one of the current East Lothian Council Children’s Services - Service Priorities:

  • we will ensure our practice and our service prevents the need for children and young people to leave their family where this is safely possible
  • we will build capacity in our internal care resources
  • we will bring children and young people back to East Lothian from external placements

Please note that making an application does not guarantee that funding will be granted as funds are limited and we are required to assess where best funds should be allocated.

Apply for Section 10 Funding Grant Scheme