What is GIRFEC?

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is a way of working consistently and supportively with all Scotland’s children, young people, and their families and acting quickly if they need help.

It’s being used in families, schools, nurseries, health care, social work, law enforcement, housing and some support services for adults. It has been designed to thread through all services and areas that involve children and young people of any age.

Taking care of our children’s well-being and making sure they are alright, even before they are born this helps us ensure the most positive outcomes for them later in life. It gives them the potential to grow up ready to succeed and play their part in society.

What does GIRFEC mean for you and your children?

You and your child will be fully involved in any processes and decisions which affect you. It involves working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

It enables you and your children to:

  • understand what is happening and why;
  • be listened to carefully and your wishes have been heard, understood and taken into consideration
  • feel confident about the help you are getting
  • be appropriately involved in discussions and decisions that affect you
  • know you can rely on appropriate help being available as soon as possible
  • experience a more straightforward and co-ordinated response from the people working with you.

Download the what to know about GIRFEC leaflets

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