Assessing the needs of children with disabilities

Bringing up a child or young person who has disabilities is stressful, and families often need extra support.

If you need a break from caring, you can ask for more information about any available help by:

  • speaking to any professional working with your child or the young person you look after
  • getting in touch with your local social work team

Assessing your needs - Section 23 Assessments

Under Sections 23-24 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 the Council has a duty, when asked, to assess children/young people affected by disabilities and their carers to determine:

  • the needs of the child/young person
  • the carer's ability to provide care for them

It is important that both of you are assessed so that we can best work out which services will help in your situation. In order to do this we carry out a Section 23 Assessment.

Read our Section 23 Assessments for Children with Disabilities leaflet for more information; you will find this in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Who will carry out the assessment?

The social work team normally carries out Section 23 Assessments. However, if a worker from another agency (e.g. health) is already involved with your family, they may be able to carry it out instead. When we are deciding who should carry out your assessment, we will take into account your views and those of the child/young person.

Further information about your assessment

  • Your assessment will normally be carried out in your home.
  • We will ask your permission to gather information and consult with other professionals who know your child.
  • You can have a supporter with you at your assessment meeting(s).
  • You can have a copy of your assessment.

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