If you're experiencing personal or emotional difficulties you may wish to consider counselling. You can access counselling in East Lothian directly through your GP.

If you are 16 or over, you can also apply for counselling through Adult Social Care following an assessment which will be carried out by one of our community care workers.

What is counselling?

During a counselling session, an independent and trained professional will listen to your concerns in confidence and ask you questions designed to help you to find ways to progress, overcome or deal with your situation. Counsellors will deal with a wide range of issues, from low self-esteem to eating disorders.

The length of sessions and number that you require will depend on your needs, and your counsellor will usually discuss this with you at the beginning of your programme.

In East Lothian we also have a book prescription scheme (NEED LINK) that operates in our local libraries. The list of recognised self-help books may provide additional support to complement a programme of treatment.

Assessment, eligibility and charging for services

We use assessments to make sure our recommendations are appropriate, will address your needs and meet our eligibility criteria. To find out more about this, and our charging policy, please read our assessment of need section.