Access to a Better Life in East Lothian (ABEL) is a website for East Lothian Rehabilitation Service. It offers a range of advice from Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy, Community Occupational Therapy to Community Physiotherapy Services.

The website gives a range of solutions to challenges you may have at home or out and about in the community.

To explore the following areas on our website - just click on the area of need you've identified:

  • self-assessment option - provision of small aids and equipment to help you manage tasks more independently at home following a recent illness, operations or a general functional decline - you must register for this service but once registered you can quickly find solutions for challenges with activities of daily living  and you only have to register once
  • interactive smart home - explore telecare and SMART technology options such as: medication prompts, shopping reminders, smart lighting, cookers etc.
  • interactive body map - developed by our musculoskeletal physiotherapy team so you click on the body map to see interactive exercises and factsheets to help with each area of the body

These services give you the opportunity to explore options and solutions independently before you request an Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy Assessment.

After you have explored  the options on the website, or if you need further specialist advice, call us on: 0300 3690 680 and choose:

  • option 1 - to speak to a physiotherapist about a joint or muscle problem
  • option 2 - to speak to an occupational therapist about any difficulties you are having managing daily activities
  • option 3 - to speak to a therapist about whether you may need a physiotherapy assessment at home

Visit Access to a Better Life in East Lothian (ABEL)