To arrange one of the following services you should contact your social work department to organise for an assessment to be completed:

  • Care home placement
  • Care at Home service
  • Respite break
  • Frozen meals
  • Home adaptation
  • Day service
  • Shared Lives service
  • Organise support for carers

During your assessment your social worker will:

  • Assess your level of need
  • See if you are eligible for support, including financial support
  • Provide information and advice around options available to you

During the assessment, your social worker will:

  • Discuss your needs with you and your family
  • Discuss any medical conditions or disabilities that you have
  • Check what support you currently have in place
  • Advise you of care or care home options within East Lothian or further afield if you wish
  • Check if you are eligible to receive funding

In order to qualify for a service you must be assessed as having critical or substantial needs as defined in our eligibility criteria.

Download the eligibility criteria

How can I request an assessment?

You can contact us to ask for an assessment, or you can ask a friend, relative or carer to contact us on your behalf. Your details will be placed on our waiting list and we will get in touch with you to make arrangements to carry out the assessment.

Waiting times for assessment vary depending on demand for the service and your own circumstances. If the need for an assessment is urgent, this process can happen more quickly.