Helpful hints when submitting your quotation or tender

Listed below are a few simple tips on how to support your company:

  • As we use an electronic tendering system, please do not leave your submission to the last day. We have had experience of organisations having IT problems on the final day and they have been unable to particpate - don't let it happen to you - plan ahead!
  • Make sure that the goods or service you are offering meet the specification. If you think your goods or services exceed the specification, say so, but be specific and back it up with evidence. If variants are acceptable, you can submit an option for consideraton with a different specification if you think this would be of interest and benefit to the council.
  • Give thought to what you can do or provide which adds social value to your offer. Refer to our page on Community Benefits.
  • Make sure that you provide the information requested in the format requested. Check what versions attachments should be in. Make sure attachments or accompanying documents are well referenced. Don't put too much information in - check if there is a word count, and don't exceed it.