The poverty commission is a group of independent members who have been asked to focus on the issue of poverty in the county.

The members of the commission will focus on building an understanding of poverty across the county and how it is affecting people's lives.They have been asked to identify key actions that local people and organisations working together can do to prevent poverty and to help people to move out or poverty or lessen its impact.

All commissioners bring extensive knowledge and experience to the commission and all have a personal connection to the county, they have given up their time on a voluntary basis to support the work of the commission.

Poverty Commission Members

  • Chair: Annette Bruton (Principal Edinburgh College)
  • Anne Hastie (Former Manager of Haddington Citizen's Advice Burea)
  • Morag Alexander (ELCAP Board Member and former Equality and Human Rights Commissioner)
  • Rev Chris Knights (Chair Musselburgh Area Partnership and Local Minister)
  • Clare McGillivray (Local Activist)
  • Zoe Van Zwanenberg (Leadership Specialist)

Commission Report

The Poverty Commission has now produced its final report and recommendations.

Download Poverty Commission Report