As a public sector organisation we are required to assess the impact of our decisions and policies on equalities groups and publish the results. Our process sets equality considerations alongside our social policy objectives like tackling poverty. It also considers the impact of our decisions in relation to the environment and the economy. This process is called Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) and is used by the East Lothian Partnership and the Integrated Joint Board. 

This process replaced Equalities Impact Assessments (EQIA).

Download completed Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Advice Services Contract

Advice Services Contract Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Children and Adult services

Children and Adult services Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Commercial Sexual Exploitation Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Community Justice

Community Justice Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) 

Corporate Resources Department

Corporate Resources Department Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy Integrated Impact Assessments (IIA)

East Lothian Constituency Polling Districts and Places 2018

East Lothian Constituency Polling Districts and Places Integrated Impact Assessments (IIA)

Education and Children's Services

Education and Children's Services Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Employee Equal Pay

Employee Equal Pay Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

EMPPO Learning and Development Strategy

EMPPO Learning and Development Strategy Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)


Environment Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Flexible Working Policies

Flexible Working Policies Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Gaelic Language Plan

Gaelic Language Plan Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)


Housing Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)


Licensing Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Social Care and Health

Social Care and Health Integrated Impact Assessments (IIAs)

Supporting Good Decisions

Supporting Good Decisions Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Integrated Impact Assessment Guidance

For further information download a copy of our Integrated Impact Asssessment Guidance.

To view Integrated Impact Assessments prior to 2015, please contact us.