Care When It Counts (CWIC)

After contacting your Medical Practice, you may find that you are offered an appointment with the 'Care When It Counts' nurse-led clinical team (CWIC Service).   

Image of a nurse with a head set talking to a patient over the phoneThe CWIC service supports GP practices by offering same-day appointments with a team of nurse practitioners, advanced nurse practitioners, physician associates and GPs to assess patient’s medical and care needs.

Benefits of utilising the CWIC service

  • Same-day care service.   
    Your needs with be dealt with by an appropriate medical professional on the same day that your request an appointment.
  • Multi-disciplinary team.   
    The CWIC team includes a range of practitioners, including Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Physician Associates and GPs meaning you will be seen by the most apporpriate medical professional in line with your enquiry.
  • Speedy assessments and referrals.  
    The CWIC team are qualified to assess health needs and determine plans for care through autonomous decision making, care planning, care management and instigating any appropriate investigations or referrals to secondary care.  Meaning you can either be provided with a prescription, support or advice, or indeed be referred to more specialist teams depending on the nature of your condition.
  • GPs can spend quality time with complex cases
    By providing patients with access to the medical professionals within the CWIC team, it allows the GPs within Medical Practices to spend dedicated time focusing on individuals with long-term conditions or complex cases which require specialist assistance.

Requesting an appointment with the CWIC team. 

Access to the CWIC team is by referral via the GP surgeries that are currently linked to this service.   

Currently this includes:

  • Riverside Medical Practice, Musselburgh
  • Inveresk Medical Practice, Musselburgh
  • Tranent Medical Practice
  • The Harbours Medical Practice

Contact your local Medical Practice, inform the Patient Advisory Team of the nature of your enquiry and they will confirm whether your concern can be handled by the CWIC service.

Will I receive a phone call or an in person appointment with the CWIC team? 

You will likely receive an initial assessment over the phone, and if needed the CWIC team will offer you a face-to-face appointment at either the Musselburgh Primary Care Centre or Cockenzie Health Centre.  They’ll agree an appropriate action plan with you, which might include a prescription, referral to hospital or other secondary care, or arranging further tests.

Where will I find the CWIC team? 

The CWIC Service at Musselburgh Primary Care Centre (MPCC)
Inveresk Road
Musselburgh EH21 7BP
Buses that stop at MPCC include 26, 30, 44, 104, 106, 108,111, 113, 123, 124 , X7

The CWIC Service at Cockenzie Health Centre
Avenue Road,
Cockenzie. EH32 OJU
Buses that stop near Cockenzie Health Centre include  Lothian: 26 (Seton Sans) X26   Prentice Coaches 111, 118, 118A