Carbon management plans - read local case studies

Our pilot carbon management project completed in Spring 2023. We worked with businesses across the area, helping them understand the environmental and economic benefits of a carbon management plan.

Read some of our success stories and how businesses benefitted from implementing carbon measuring and tracking.

Jabberwocky cafe frontage.

Jabberwocky - East Lothian Leisure Ltd.

Estimated yearly total cost savings: £12,824

Estimated yearly total carbon savings: 14,936 kgCO2e

Read about their carbon action plan

The front of the Royal Mackintosh Hotel

Royal Mackintosh Hotel, Dunbar

Estimated yearly total cost savings: £12,460

Estimated yearly total carbon savings: 61,327 kgCO2e

Read about their carbon action plan

Overview of Foxlake adventures site

Foxlake Adventures CIC, Dunbar  

Total savings of: 51,106kWh and £7,683

Carbon dioxide saving of 10,759kgCO2e

Read about their carbon action plan

Your journey to net zero

Now is a good time to start decarbonising your business:

  • get ahead of competition
  • contribute towards achieving net zero targets
  • great for publicity and marketing
  • impress and acquire new customers due to forward thinking
  • meet customer and supply chain expectations
  • reduce consumption and costs

Read about how to reduce your business' greenhouse gas emissions

Read more about net zero

Get help with a Carbon Management Plan for your business

Get help with a Carbon Management Plan for your tourism business

The Envirozone at the Fringe by the Sea festival. A giant sign says "Stop the bin sin" next to the recycling area.

Fringe By The Sea received funding from the Tyne and Esk Community Led Local Development Fund to support waste management initiatives in 2023.

Benefits of carbon management

Business benefits - get ahead of the competition

  • save money on items like packaging
  • identify carbon ‘hotspots’ in supply chain
  • reduce energy consumption

Environmental benefits

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • lower energy demand
  • increase on-site renewable energy generation
  • find long-term solutions that contribute to reducing the effects of climate change

Track your reduced carbon emissions

  • identify carbon ‘hotspots’
  • get good publicity for your business
  • contribute towards reducing the impact of climate change

Achieve net zero targets

  • positively contribute towards reducing climate change impacts
  • inspire other businesses to take more action
  • contribute to national and international climate change targets
Fringe by the sea sustainability boards.