Jabberwocky Soft Play and Café - Haddington

Jabberwocky cafe frontage.


East Lothian Leisure Ltd own and manage the Jabberwocky Soft Play and Café in Haddington. They were keen to make the building as sustainable as possible and were particularly interested in the installation of renewable heating and the potential for solar PV to generate renewable electricity.

Actions taken to decarbonise:

  • replaced gas fired boiler with a biomass boiler
  • replaced the windows with sash and case double glazed windows in keeping with the character of the building
  • upgraded the refrigeration in the kitchen with modern, efficient models
  • installed solar PV with battery storage

Estimated yearly total cost savings: £12,824

Estimated yearly total carbon savings: 14,936 kgCO2e


Solar panels being installed on the roof of the Jabberwocky cafe.