Taking a Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies was a successful experiment for Dunbar Grammar School pupil Annabel, who now wants to pursue a career in Science. 

A Foundation Apprenticeship seemed like a great chance to learn real world skills.

Annabel found out about the FoundationApprenticeship from her Chemistry teacher Mr Dickson and thought it would be the perfect option to add more value to her final school years. 

Talking about her decision to take a Foundation Apprenticeship, Annabel said: “I spent the whole summer worrying because I didn’t know what subjects I was going to choose at school. When I found out about the Scientific Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship I thought it would give me the opportunity to do something more exciting at school. 

“I had been thinking about going on to pursue a career in art but taking a Foundation Apprenticeship seemed like a great chance to learn real world skills.” 

Foundation Apprenticeships are taken alongside Highers and Nationals as a school subject in senior phase over one or two academic years. Through a Foundation Apprenticeship, pupils spend time out of school with a learning provider, such as a college, and gain valuable workplace experience with an employer. Completion leads to a qualification at the same level as a Higher, which can support progression on to a job, such as a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship, or entry into college or university. 

Taking the apprenticeship was life-changing for Annabel, who is now clear about what she wants to do after school. 

Annabel explained: “Before I started my apprenticeship, if someone had told me that it would make me interested in a career in science I wouldn’t have believed them. Now, I love the industry and I am loving the Foundation Apprenticeship. 
“Through the Foundation Apprenticeship I’ve become a lot more confident and I understand how to behave in a workplace environment.” 

East Lothian offers six Foundation Apprenticeship courses through its secondary schools: 

  • Accountancy
  • Business Skills
  • Scientific Technologies
  • Scientific Technologies Direct Entry (S6 pupils only)
  • Social Services and Healthcare
  • Social Services Children and Young People.

Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships in our schools from our website or about apprenticeships more generally at Apprenticeships.scot.

foundation apprentice student Annabel shares her experiences

Published: Thursday, 5th March 2020