Meet Jade! Catering assistant at Dunbar Primary School

Jade has been working at East Lothian Council for two years, starting out as a catering assistant at North Berwick High School and moving to Dunbar Primary School last December. She thoroughly enjoys working in a team environment and her role allows her to build a strong rapport with both pupils and teachers. Our school meals service supplies meals for 6 high schools and 35 primary schools, providing roughly over 6200 lunches per day! Payment for school lunches is now cashless and can be paid for using schoolpay.

Jade highlighted communication is incredibly important in her role and said “I enjoy hearing positive feedback about the range of meals we offer to pupils. We are totally dedicated to providing appetising and nutritious meals for pupils during their time at school and aim to make use of local produce where available.” View our school menus.

 Jade explained that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way in which meals have been distributed to pupils with a cold selection only offered in the early stages of the pandemic. As the school food services provided by the council have adapted, a selection of hot & cold Grab & Go options in our secondary schools have been reintroduced and this has been very well received by both pupils and staff.

“Covid-19 has created new challenges in both my role and the wider team and we have been busier than ever! With increasing emphasis on quality catering, health and safety, food hygiene and hazard analysis within the food industry we keep ourselves busy and feel proud that we continue to provide a front line service for the council.”

jade villa catering assistant



Published: Wednesday, 2nd December 2020