A new segregated shared use path is to be created to allow cyclists to access a National Cycle Route near Dunbar.

At a meeting of East Lothian Council’s Cabinet, Councillors agreed to approve two ‘Stopping Up Orders’.

This first relates to a section of the C122, which is used to access the Tarmac Cement Plant.

The Council’s Road Services team received a formal request from Tarmac, Dunbar Cement Plant, to remove this section, directly adjacent to their premises, from its list of roads on road safety grounds.

This section of the C122 provides sole access to the Tarmac Cement Plant and as a result there is a high frequency of regular HGV vehicle movements, as well as staff and contractors.

However, it is also used by cyclists to access the National Cycle Route (76) {NCN 76} which is located to the north side of the main East Coast Rail line.

The Stopping Up order will allow Tarmac to introduce traffic calming measures and lower speed limits ensuring the road is safer for their personnel, contractors and visitors alike.

Access for public utility companies and Network Rail will be retained.

To enable cyclists to still access the NCN 76, Tarmac have agreed to provide a new shared use cycle path from the A1087 along the north boundary of their site.

This new shared use path will allow cyclists to access the NCN 76 without coming into conflict with motorised vehicles using a more scenic route.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, Cabinet Spokesperson for the Environment, said:

"This is excellent news as it paves the way for new, safe access to be created to the National Cycle Route - something which cyclists and the Council has been keen to see for a number of years. It will make a real difference in terms of improved safety. I look forward to seeing work progress in due course."

Council officials have also noted that a former road, U208 Kiln Cottages Road, no longer exists but is still registered on the list of Public Roads. The necessary Stopping Up Order, to remove it from the list of roads, was also approved by Cabinet.

Published: Wednesday, 15th September 2021