Members of East Lothian Council’s Cabinet agreed to set fees for short term lets licences at their meeting on Tuesday 27th.

Fees were set at £390 to cover a three year period. Guidance from the Scottish Government recommended that fees be set by each Local Authority at a level that just covered their costs. East Lothian Council’s fee reflects the anticipated number of hours taken to process licences of this kind and the hourly chargeable rate for officers’ time.

It was also agreed that the level set would be reviewed after an appropriate period of time to ensure the fee adequately covers the actual cost of processing licenses. The licensing regime will come into force on 1st October 2022.

Council Leader Norman Hampshire said: “This paper was brought forward to Cabinet in response to a range of potential measures brought in by the Scottish Government as a means of controlling and regulating the short term letting out of properties.

“As well as this new licensing regime, our Planning Service is currently gathering evidence on short term lets across East Lothian, following a public consultation. This will inform a decision on the need to introduce Control Areas within East Lothian. Within a Control Area, a change of use from a house to a short term let will always require planning permission. A report on whether or not there is a need to introduce Control Areas will come forward for consideration in due course.”

A review of taxing of short term lets is being taken forward separately by the Scottish Government.

Published: Tuesday, 27th September 2022