We are inviting everyone to join us in marking Scotland’s Climate Week, which runs from 25 September to 1 October 2023. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and our future.

East Lothian Council are committed to tackling the climate emergency and have a number of environmentally friendly strategies and projects in place. During Scotland's Climate Change Week 2023, the council is highlighting some of its recent work in this area, including:

  • East Lothian Council launched its first Bike User Group together with ‘Love to Ride’. The first ride was held on 22 September and the project helps promote cycling and further supports the Scottish national target on reduction in car mileage
  • Last year, the Countryside Rangers challenged themselves to reduce van usage as much as possible during Climate Week. Emissions reduced by 86% and lessons learned from the Climate Week has led to new ways of working, such as increased uptake of van sharing
  • We published a Sustainable Fleet Strategy to help decarbonise its transport, which is a significant proportion of our operational emissions
  • We are working on reducing emissions from estates through asset management
  • The Green Network project to enhance biodiversity and nature in communities - more info on Nature Networks

In addition to these specific projects, the council is also working to mainstream climate change across all of its activities. This means that climate change is considered in all decision-making, from the development of new policies to the procurement of goods and services.

The council is also supporting local groups and businesses to take climate action and reduce their environmental impact. 

There is support for community groups that want to start or join local sustainability initiatives, such as the East Lothian Climate Action Network. For businesses, there are a range of resources and opportunities to help them transition to net zero, such as calculating their carbon footprint, accessing green innovation support, and joining the Low Carbon Alliance.

The council’s efforts have been recognised by the Scottish Government, which has awarded it a gold status in the annual climate change reporting scheme. The council has also been praised by local environmental organisations and campaigners for its leadership and vision in addressing the climate crisis.

The council's work on climate action is making a real difference. In 2022, the council reduced its carbon emissions by 15% compared to the previous year. This is a significant achievement and shows that we are on the right track to achieving our net zero target.

During Scotland's Climate Change Week 2023, East Lothian Council is encouraging everyone to take action to reduce their environmental impact. There are many things that people can do, such as using sustainable transport and recycling more. Take the action you are best equipped to take. By working together, we can make a difference and build a more sustainable future for Scotland.

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Read our Climate Change Strategy and annual update reports.

Published: Monday, 25th September 2023