Mark Jamieson reflects on his new role as school librarian at Rosehill High School

It is a privilege to work with the staff in this incredible new building and I have especially enjoyed building a rapport with pupils

In August, Mark moved from his previous role as Community Librarian at Prestonpans library to establish and lead the new school library at Rosehill High School.

Culture of reading

As School Librarian, Mark will work alongside Rosehill’s Head Teacher Gail Preston and her team. He’ll also work as part of the East Lothian Libraries Schools and Young People’s Services with school librarians based across the county.

“The school library is operating as a learning space that support the school's culture of reading,” explains Mark. “I work closely with the English and Literacy department to make sure our young people are aware of the myriad of resources available to them to support their curricular and extra-curricular learning.”

The Margaret Oliphant Library moved from its previous location in Wallyford Primary School to the new Wallyford Learning Campus. It opened to the public on 29 September but Mark had been providing services and support to Rosehill’s learners since the school opened in August. The space is already proving popular with the young people.

Enhance learning

Mark says: “The library is open during rest breaks to allow for reading, playing board games and functions as an extra social space. 

“I am currently working with pupils on a consultation project to develop more activities and resources that will enhance their learning experience.

“We have a Dungeons and Dragons group that meets once a week, and I am looking forward to introducing a joint Lego Builders/Chess and Board Game group as another after school club. All clubs will be entirely inclusive allowing for first time users to develop skills and learn from their peers.”

The perfect place

The new library features extensive natural light and a soft colour scheme. It has a wide range of stock available for children, teens and young adults as well as books for adults. It’s the perfect place to curl up with a good book, discover a new interest or spend time with friends and Mark is relishing the opportunities that his new role offers in such an inspiring place: “It is a privilege to work with the staff in this incredible new building and I have especially enjoyed building a rapport with pupils,” he added.

The Margaret Oliphant Library is open to the public on Fridays (2pm to 5pm) and Saturdays (10am to 1pm) as part of a phased opening arrangement working towards an increase in hours in the coming months.

Margaret Oliphant Library

A photograph of Rosehill High School librarian Mark in with a quote from him



Published: Wednesday, 4th October 2023