All East Lothian residents are being urged to make sure their Council Tax status is up to date by checking their status on annual bills.

Every two years the council, and other Scottish local authorities, runs a check on everyone claiming single person discount on their Council Tax. This year, we are joining up with other agencies to carry out a more detailed exercise.

Council Leader Norman Hampshire said: “We know that household circumstances can change quickly, for example children reaching the age of 18 and coming out of full-time education, or an adult moving in or out of the property. Updating Council Tax details may not be a top priority for residents during times of change but everyone should be aware that it is their responsibility to inform the council of any relevant changes.

“East Lothian currently has 52,166 domestic properties and there is single person discount awarded at 17,606 of these at a total cost of more than £6m. We know that a percentage of these households could be mistakenly claiming the discount if their circumstances have changed. It is in the interest of both East Lothian Council and individual households to ensure their information is accurate and up to date.”

Anyone who has received a letter querying their single person discount status can update their details via the form or telephone number provided with the letter or by using the dedicated form 

Any resident at any time can update their details via the council website. We would urge every household in East Lothian to carry out this simple check and update.

We are currently in the process of issuing letters to households we believe contain members who have recently turned 18 and to those households where there is no explanation for an additional adult in the household.

Reminder letters will be sent in cases where no response has been received. If no response has been received a further 14 days later then a request will be made for the Council Tax team to remove Single Persons Discount from that individual’s Council Tax account.

Published: Friday, 27th October 2023