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Buying a Lair

In some of our East Lothian Cemeteries you may be able to pre-buy a lair which you can keep in the family for a number of years before you require to use it. Advice on which Cemeteries you can do this on can be given by contacting the Haddington Registration Team.

When you buy a lair you will be given a certificate which shows the lair number on it. This helps locate the grave when you require to use it or determine ownership at a later date.

Where you are buying a lair because someone has died, your Funeral Director making the arrangements will organise this for you.

If you have pre-bought a lair and require to use it at a later date you will be required to provide the lair certificate to prove ownership and sign a consent form for the lair to be opened. If you lose or mislay the lair certificate you will be required to sign an indemnity form which states that you have entitlement to the exclusive right of the lair.

Costs of buying a Lair and arranging a burial

Paying for the burial

Burials can be expensive, so remember to check where the money for the funeral will come from before making any arrangements. Check whether the deceased person had contributed to a scheme to pay for the funeral, otherwise you may have to pay the bill yourself.

Check the deceased's papers for a Cremation Society certificate, life insurance policy papers or details of any pre-paid burial plan. Also, look for letters from previous employers with details about any occupational pension scheme or personal pension.

If no one is able or willing to arrange and pay for the burial, the local council, or in some cases the health authority, may do so, but only where the burial has not already been arranged.

You may be entitled to funeral payments benefits from the government to go towards the cost of a burial. You can find out more at www.gov.uk/funeral-payments.

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