Burial ground charges


Cost of Lair  - Re-issue / Replacement / Transfer - £63.86

Lair Purchase

Purchase of Lair for coffin remains - £865.20
Purchase of Lair for cremated remains (only where ground conditions prevent a full coffin interment) - £379.04

Interment Fees

Interment of adult - £813.70
Interment of cremated remains - £212.18


Residents outside council area - Plus 50% all costs inc weekend surcharges
Service or lair excavated on Saturday - Plus 50% interment costs
Service or lair excavated on Sunday or public holiday - Plus 100% interment costs

Search Fees*

Search of records relating to family history-type enquiries or Title Deed searches - per hour (minimum charge 1 hour). Also applies to headstone applications where lair details are not provided - £41.20*

Memorial Stones*

Cost of pre-formed or individual foundation charged on application to erect - £175.10*
Maintenance fee for headstones, as per details given on approval to erect notification - £117.42*

Items marked * are subject to VAT at the current rate.