Arranging a burial

Due to staffing challenges our Registration team is currently focused on statutory services such as the registration of births and deaths and support for burials.On a temporary basis, we are currently unable to process bookings for marriages or citizenship services, or provide certificate extracts.We hope to resume these bookings as soon as practically possible and look forward to providing an update in due course.

Amenity services are responsible for the maintenance of all cemeteries and burial grounds in East Lothian. Partnering with the council's Registration Team, we provide a courteous and professional burial service.

To arrange a burial in a council cemetery or woodland, buy a lair, erect and maintain a monument or plaque, or for queries around the management or maintenance of a cemetery, please contact us via the details on this page.

Grave decorations

We may remove flowers and artefacts 14 days after the burial. If you would like to keep them, please arrange to remove them before this.

Funeral directors and monumental sculptors

They are informed on the management of our burial grounds and are best placed to guide you through the processes when the need arises.