Commemorative seats and memorial trees

We can supply a range of seat styles from a number of suppliers in both modern and traditional styles in metal, wood or a combination of both depending on the desired location, with either engraved dedications placed on the back spar or a choice of stainless steel, bronze or brass plaques.

In recognition of the popularity of donating commemorative benches the council has developed a policy that offers a flexible range of ways of placing a commemorative bench on council owned or managed land.

Download the donated benches policy

The council is keen to promote a degree of consistency in the style of outdoor furniture in its open spaces and also ensure that clients donating benches get a good quality of product that will last for many years to come.

Accordingly clients are now being encouraged to opt for all metal benches with sustainable finishes that are durable, attractive and can best cope with their use in the public environment.

We also try to maintain our park seats in good condition by repairing and painting them on a regular basis. However sometimes age or vandalism takes its toll and some seats have to be removed for recycling. This though does free up space for new seats to be donated.

For more information on planting a memorial tree, locations, advice on inscriptions, maintenance or prices please contact the Landscape and Countryside.