East Lothian Council

Burial services

Burial ground charges 2017/18


Cost of Transfer of Lair (Incl. New Certificate)


Issue of Duplicate/Replacement Lair Certificate


Lair Purchase

Purchase of Lair – 1 or 2 Interments


Purchase of Lair – Up to 3 Interments


Purchase of Lair for Cremated Remains

(Only available where ground conditions prevent a full coffin interment)


Interment Fees

Interment of Stillborn Child


Interment of Child Under 5 Yrs


Interment of Person 5-17 Yrs


Interment of Adult


Interment of Cremated Remains



Residents Outside Council Area

Plus 50% All Costs

Incl. Weekend Surcharges

Service or Lair Excavated on Saturday

Plus 50% Interment Costs

Service or Lair Excavated on Sunday or Public Holiday

Plus 100% Interment Costs

First Interment of 3 in Lair Purchased Pre-1st April 2000


Search Fees

Minimum charge for search of records relating to family history-type enquiries or Title Deed searches – per half hour.  Also applies to Headstone Applications where Lair details are not provided.

£17.98 (+£3.59 VAT)

Memorial Stones

Cost of pre-formed or individual foundation charged on application to erect

£140 (+£28.00 VAT)

Maintenance fee for headstones

£104 (+£20.80 VAT)

Some 3-person lairs in Prestonpans have already had a 50% surcharge applied at time of purchase, pre-2000.

Before applying the £156.00 surcharge for the first interment of three in lair purchased pre-1st April 2000, ELC staff should refer to the Lair Book and check what was charged at the time of the sale of the lair.

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