Evidence Report

The Evidence Report is the first formal stage in preparing the next Local Development Plan (LDP2). This will set out the council’s view on a wide range of matters related to the development and use of land in East Lothian. It must include a statement on the steps the council have taken in preparing the report to seek the views of the public, community councils and in particular disabled persons, Gypsies and Travellers, and children and young people, and demonstrate how their views have been taken into account. The Evidence Report will be approved by East Lothian Council and then sent to Scottish Ministers for approval. They will appoint an independent assessor to determine whether the report has sufficient information to enable the planning authority to prepare a draft LDP.

Getting involved with LDP2 preparation

The starting point for the preparation of the Evidence Report and subsequent LDP2 will be the policy approaches being proposed through NPF4 and other national strategies. The Council already has commitments to address issues like health, the nature crisis and climate change, and these known challenges will provide the context for the discussions on issues that the LDP should address.

There will be general public consultation seeking to identify what the issues residents feel are affecting their area and therefore should be highlighted in the Evidence Report and addressed in the Proposed LDP.   

Workshops and meetings will be arranged and well-advertised in advance, aimed at drawing out the key issues that need to be addressed at strategic and local levels.

More details on how to get involved with the information gathering stages of the Evidence Report will be made available within the updated LDP Development Plan Scheme, and also published on the Council's website and social media pages.