Local Place Plan Register


Local Place Plan Register

This page will include a register of local place plans submitted to East Lothian Council. Once the Community Body has prepared the Local Place Plan and accompanying information as set out in legislation, it can then be submitted to the planning authority. The Community Body may wish to contact the planning authority to arrange a pre-submission meeting.

Every planning authority must keep a register of local place plans. When a valid local place plan relating to their district is submitted to them by a community body, a planning authority must—

(a) include it in their register (below), and

(b) inform the community body that submitted the plan that it has been registered.

Local Place Plan Validation


A Local Place Plan is valid if, in accordance with schedule 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997:

1(4) a community body must (a) have regard to— (i) the local development plan for the land, or any part of the land, to which the local place plan relates, (ii) the National Planning Framework, (iii) such other matters (if any) as are prescribed

2(1) A community body must comply with any prescribed requirements as to— (a) steps which must be taken before submitting a local place plan, (b) how the views of councillors for the area to which the local place plan relates are to be taken into account in the preparation of the local place plan, and (c) information which must be submitted alongside a local place plan.

The planning authority must make publicly available, a map of their district that shows the land to which the local place plans in their register of local place plans relate.


Register of Local Place Plans

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