Grants for tenants groups

Grants for Tenants Groups

East Lothian Council makes money available for tenants groups from the Tenants Services Budget in the Housing Revenue Account. The Housing Revenue Account is money received by the Council from tenants’ rents. As this is a cash-limited fund, the Service Development Manager in Community Housing will meet with any applicant to carefully consider any requests for funding. 

We have a guide which explains the conditions which need to be met for a successful application. Your Tenants Group should decide under which heading they wish to apply. Each application for grant assistance needs to be fully assessed before any grant can be awarded. If a grant is awarded, the Tenants Group will also need to monitor and evaluate the use of the grant money they receive, keep receipts and provide a Treasurers Report to make sure that the purpose of it was achieved. East Lothian Council and East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel developed the guide jointly.

Request an application form and copy of our guide by phone: 01620 827 526 or email: