My home needs adapting, so I can get around more easily

This topic is for you if you would like to stay in your home, but it requires to be adapted to meet your needs.

You may be undecided about whether you should apply to have your current home adapted (as described in this topic), or whether you should look into finding an alternative place to live, which better suits your needs. A Housing Options interview can help you decide. We also have a DVD called 'Move or Improve' on YouTube, explaining the process. Alternatively, you may find specialist equipment sufficient for your needs. The HILDA website shows what can be provided to assist for example, in your bathroom or bedroom.

What can be done to make my home more suitable for my needs?

If you find it difficult to manage in your home due to mobility issues, special equipment or adaptations could help you live more independently. These range from small changes such as accessible taps or grab rails to bigger projects such as installing a wet room or a stair lift.

Getting assessed

Before an adaption can be carried out the Council will make an assessment of your needs. This be carried out by an Occupational Therapist. To find out more about the Occupational Therapy service, and how to get assessed, please visit our OT pages.

The Occupational Therapist will then make a recommendation. This will take into account both your current and future needs.  If you are a council or housing association tenant the Occupational Therapist may also discuss the options with your Housing Officer. 

It may not always be possible to adapt your existing home, but where adaptation is not recommended we will assist you to find the best solution. Information about alternative housing can be found in Helping you to find somewhere else to live.

Small adaptations without assessment

You may be interested in the Adult Social Care Occupational Therapy Self Selection Leaflet which provides information on a range of small adaptations that will help you in your home. These are free of charge and do not require an assessment. For further information please contact 01875 8243089 or email:

More information relating to your tenure

Housing Options Scotland publishes a series of leaflets offering further advice.  Click on the links below for more information about the adaptations process (particularly how adaptations are funded) which is relevant to the type of housing you live in.