Mutual repairs and shared costs

What is a mutual repair?

A mutual (or common) repair is carried out on an element of a building that is shared with other owners, such as; chimney and roof repairs, gutters, down pipes, fences or external roughcast. The need for the repair must be agreed by other owners, and also recognised by the council. In most cases, the cost of the repair will be shared amongst the other owners. An owner who is unsure about their responsibilities in a shared or common repair should seek legal advice.

How it works

Before any repair work commences we will check the title deeds of the affected property for details of how shared costs should be apportioned. We will then attempt to contact the affected owner(s) to advise them of the nature of the work, health and safety issues, and any other information they might need. Thereafter we provide an estimate of the cost of the work(s) from our preferred contractor(s) which owners can either accept or, subject to agreement, privately contract. If no response is received within 28 days we will progress with the works and invoice the private owner(s) accordingly.

More information

Mutual Repairs and Shared Costs 2018.

This leaflet is also available from any of our Area Housing Offices. Call 01620 827827 and say which office you want to speak to.