Baby massage

Baby massage can help babies with sleep, wind, colic and relaxation. Massaging your baby can help the attachment bond between parent and child too.

Long before babies are able to speak, or even respond to sounds and sights, they communicate with the world around them through touch. It is instinctive for parents to soothe babies through touch. Massaging your baby is an extension of this natural impulse and classes will build your confidence and technique.

Touch is important from the day your baby is born. However, infant baby massage classes are best for babies over six weeks, as younger babies may find the environment too overwhelming before then.

Baby massage in East Lothian

There are a range of practitioners offering classes throughout East Lothian. Practitioner should be able to show you evidence of their training and registration with an approved professional body.

Free classes are offered through Support from the Start and local voluntary sector early years organisation. (Free places are limited and criteria may vary depending on how they have been funded) For free classes in East Lothian contact Support from the Start:

For information about the availability and costs of baby massage classes in your area check the Scottish Family Information Service website