Thinking about educating your child at home?

You can choose to educate your child at home if you can provide an efficient education suited to their age, abilities and aptitudes as laid out in the Scottish Government's Home Education Guidance.

Reasons parents choose to educate children at home include:

  • a wish to follow a particular educational or ideological philosophy
  • religious or cultural beliefs
  • dissatisfaction with the education system
  • a child's reluctance to go to school
  • a child's problems when at school (e.g. bullying)
  • geographical - due to remoteness or needing mobility for work
  • a wish to deal with a child's additional support needs in a particular way
  • as a short-term intervention for a particular reason


There is no cost for making an application for home-schooling.

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Contacting us

If you want to speak to someone about your case, or you'd like more information about home-schooling, please contact us.

We will try to make sure that you are given the name of the person handling your enquiry and that you know how to contact them.