Enrolling your child in your catchment school

We are now making arrangements to enrol pupils to primary one in August 2021 across our schools. Any child whose fifth birthday falls between 1 March 2021 and the last day of February 2022 is eligible to start school in August 2021. This process is different to previous years so please take the time to read this information so you understand the changes.

P1 enrolment arrangements for starting P1 in August 2021

Due to COVID-19, we are restricting the number of people who are able to enter our school buildings. This means it will not be possible for parents to visit their catchment school to enrol their child for the P1 intake in August 2021. An alternative process has been put in place for this year to make it quicker, easier and safer for our schools and families.

If you live in the East Lothian Council area and your child is attending a funded Early Learning and Childcare provision (for example. one of our local authority nurseries, a partner nursery, childminder or community group) you will receive a letter from us about Primary One enrolment.  The letter will state that a place is being held for your child in the non-denominational catchment school based on the home address. Letters were posted on 8 December.

What happens next?

This depends on your circumstances. We've outlined the main options here:

I would like my child to attend the school allocated in the letter. 

The address information is correct and you would like your child to attend the allocated school detailed above, no further action is required.

I would like to apply for a place at the catchment Roman Catholic (denominational) School

Please complete an online application before 31 January 2021. You can securely upload the necessary documents through that channel.

I would like to apply for a place in a non-catchment school

The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 gives you the right to choose the school you would like your child to attend, and places a duty on education authorities to grant such requests wherever possible.  Although most children attend their catchment school, parents may make an application for any other school under the management of East Lothian Council. Such a request is known as a non-catchment placing request.  You are required to make this request in writing. This can be done by downloading and completing a non-catchment placing request form, You should return the form to us before 31 January 2021. Requests made later than this date will still be considered, but places in the school of your choice may already have been allocated to other children.

I would like to defer my child’s entry to P1

You should discuss this with your early years setting. The process to defer entry to P1 takes place between January and March 2021 and is completed by both the parent/carer and the early years setting. Application information will be distributed to early years’ settings in January 2021. We will continue to hold the allocated catchment P1 place until the deferral decisions have been confirmed.

My child does not attend an Early Learning and Childcare Provision

If you live in the East Lothian Council area and your child is not attending a funded Early Learning and Childcare provision as outlined earlier on this page, you should register your child for P1 at their catchment primary school using the online application form before 31 January 2021.   

You will need to provide the following documentation along with the online application. This can be securely uploaded during the application process: 

  • an image/electronic version of your most recent Council Tax Assessment letter
  • an image/electronic version of a utility bill dated within the last 6 months
  • an image/electronic version of a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

What happens if you do not receive a letter

Letters were posted on 8 December. If you live in the East Lothian Council area and your child is attending a funded Early Learning and Childcare provision as described earlier on this page but you have not received your letter by Friday 18 December 2020, please email us.

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