Enrolling your child for Primary One (P1) starting in August 2022

Any child whose fifth birthday falls between 1 March 2022 (born 1 March 2017) and the last day of February 2023 (born 28 February 2018) is eligible to start school in August 2022.  

P1 enrolment arrangements for starting P1 in August 2022

The online P1 enrolment period ended on 29 November 2021.

If your child is age-eligible to start school in August 2022 and you live in the East Lothian Council area and you did not complete an online P1 enrolment form by the deadline of 29 November 2021, you should contact your catchment school as soon as possible and carry out a late enrolment with the school direct. 

Please note you are still required to provide to the catchment school proof of address in the form of your most recent Council Tax Statement and a utility bill dated within the last 6 months. 

You will also be required to provide your child’s birth certificate, unless your child already attends an East Lothian Council nursery or a funded provider/childminder that is in partnership with East Lothian Council.  If you are applying for a Roman Catholic School, you will also be required to provide proof of baptism, if applicable.

If you deferred your child’s entry to P1 from August 2021 to August 2022, you should also enrol your child for P1 now.

Advice and information

  • if your child attends a nursery class in an East Lothian primary school you must still submit a P1 enrolment form for the catchment primary school
  • every home address is located in a school catchment area and for some areas there is also a local Roman Catholic school - check the catchment maps on our website
  • if you can't check your address on the catchment maps - email schoolplacements@eastlothian.gov.uk for clarification on your catchment school
  • if you are moving address in the coming months - email schoolplacements@eastlothian.gov.uk  for advice on the process to follow
  • if you are already resident in the new housing developments at Craighall or Blindwells, or you are due to move into this area in the coming months - email schoolplacements@eastlothian.gov.uk for advice
  • if you are applying for a Roman Catholic school, please note we often receive more applications than places available, places will be confirmed by the end of April 2022
  • if you are applying for a place in all other schools, please note that no further action is required and a catchment place is automatically allocated after you submit the P1 enrolment form - in the unlikely situation of there being more applications than places available in a school, we will contact parents before the end of February 2022

Non-catchment placing requests

Although most children attend their catchment school, parents may make an application for any other school under the management of East Lothian Council.  This is called a non-catchment placing request. 

If you intend to make a placing request, you should still submit a P1 enrolment form for the catchment primary school - read about making a non-catchment placing request

Read more information on school enrolment and non-catchment placing requests in the School Enrolment booklet.


Traditionally in Scotland almost all children aged between 4 ½ and 5 enrol in primary school in August, at the start of the autumn term. You should make an enrolment application to the Catchment Primary School in the November before your child is due to start school.

Parents of children whose 5th birthday is in January or February have the right to start school, or to defer entry to Primary School and have a funded Early Learning and Childcare place for another year. 

Where the 5th birthday is between the start of the Autumn term (in August) and the 31st December, parents have the legal right to choose not to send their child to primary school until the beginning of the following school session. However they do not have an entitlement to an additional funded year in an Early Learning and Childcare setting. The offer of a funded place is at the discretion of the local authority.

For August 2022 in East Lothian, all children who fall into the above discretionary category will be entitled to a funded deferred year.

This does not mean that all parents with children in this age groups will choose to take up this option. The parent, the school and the local authority collectively have the responsibility to arrive at the decision, which is in the best interests of the child.

Download further information for parents/carers on deferring entry to primary school

The closing date for applications to defer entry to primary one in August 2022 is 25 February 2022.