If your placement request is refused


The Head of Education considers placement requests.

If we refuse your request, we have to give you reasons. These reasons are set out in law and include:

  • having to provide another teacher to meet your request
  • having to spend money on building work to meet your request
  • your child's education would be affected because education at the school of your choice would be unsuitable for them
  • pupils already in the school of your choice would suffer in some way if your child was given a place
  • places at the school of your choice are reserved for catchment pupils

While considering your request, the Head of Education may also look at:

  • the legal requirements for school buildings and accommodation
  • maximum class sizes
  • the effect of your child's admission on the class they would be placed in 


As required by law, we have an Independent Appeals Committee that considers appeals from parents about our decision to refuse a placement request.

Parents can present their cases to the Appeals Committee in person, or with the help of a representative or friend.

Please contact the Education Business Unit for more information using the contact details below.