Instrumental Music Service - Registration Form Guidance Notes 2021/22

Pupil details 

  • Does pupil have own instrument – If your child is borrowing an instrument from East Lothian Council, please ensure you read, complete and return an instrument loan agreement
  • Sibling discount: If you have more than 1 child receiving tuition, you may be eligible for a sibling discount. Sibling discount is normally applied to the younger children with the oldest child paying the full fee/full concessionary fee as appropriate.


  • SQA - If pupil is in senior year at High school (S4, 5, or 6) and is studying a full course of Music at National 4, 5, Higher or Advanced Higher level, they may be eligible for SQA exemption. Please tick box if this applies to pupil.
  • FSM/LAC - Pupil may also be exempt from fees if they are: in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and/or a Clothing Grant or is a looked after child and accommodated child
  • we will validate this information against the Education Service Management Information System and will not require proof of eligibility to be sent.
  • if you have ticked for any exemption, please proceed to the declaration

Concessionary fees (if applicable)

If your household income is less than £26,884 per year and you are not eligible for exemption, you may be eligible for a concessionary rate. Child Benefit and Tax Credit payments are not included in the household income calculation.

If you are in receipt of Tax Credits, HMRC send out an annual Tax Credits Award Notice (TCAN). This usually details any income from employment or benefits received. Please send your most recent TCAN.

If in receipt of Universal Credits, you should receive a monthly Universal Credits Online Journal Statement. Please send your most recent statement.

If you do not receive Tax Credits or Universal Credits, we will require proof of:

  • Income from employment - this can be found on your P60, Month 12 or Week 52 payslip
  • Income from self-employment - this can be found on an online submitted tax return - SA302 or a certified Accountant’s Certificate
  • Pension income - Occupational Pension Providers should issue an annual P60U or your annual DWP letter.
  • DWP should issue an annual letter stating the amount of pension to be received. This is usually shown as a weekly amount.

Benefits - each benefits agency should provide an annual award letter stating the amount of benefit to be received. This is usually shown as a weekly amount. Supporting documents should be sent with the registration form, if applicable. Please do not send the original documents. We can accept screenshots from mobile devices of any supporting document, providing the name and address and any award is clearly visible.

Payment (if applicable)

This section should only be completed by applicants who are due to pay a fee. Please select one preferred option only.

The fee payment options are:

  • Full Payment - payment expected within 1 month of start date
  • 3 Termly - payments expected at the start of each term – August, January and April
  • Monthly - Payments expected monthly, starting within 1 month of start date, with last payment due before the end of May - the number of payments is dependent on start date

All fees are expected to be paid in full by the end of May.

Tuition Costs:

  • full fee - £288.40
  • full fee with sibling discount - £247.20
  • concessionary fee - £201.88
  • concessionary fee with sibling discount - £173.04

Auto Pay is now available via SchoolPay. Auto Pay is a means of making regular instalment payments, via SchoolPay, without having to log in. You can set regularity to weekly or monthly, choose a date you want payments to start from, choose the amount you wish to pay and the number of instalments. Once your child has been registered for music tuition, log into SchoolPay and select Auto Pay from the 2020/21 Instrumental Music Tuition fund options to set up.

Parent/carer details

Please complete this section in full.


This must be completed by the named person in section 4. Please tick box and date once you have completed the registration form. Ticking this box acts as your signature. 

Additional guidance

Completed paper registration forms should be returned to

The information booklet, terms and conditions, loan agreement and privacy statement are available to download on SchoolPay or via the Instrumental Music Service web page:

Further help and information on SchoolPay can be found on the East Lothian Council website: