School term dates 2020-21

Revised session dates due to Covid-19 reopening arrangements for January 2021

There have been changes to the dates and way that children and young people will return to school in January 2021. This follows the First Minister's announcement on 4 January 2021. Please refer to the revised dates below.

Key information for January 2021

  • Schools will reopen to provide childcare for children of key workers and vulnerable children only on 7 January 2021. Key workers can apply online and information is being shared with families regarding their application. Do not send your child to a school building unless you have a confirmed space at this provision.
  • Places are being prioritised for households where both parents are a category 1 or category 2 key worker, or for single parents who are key workers and no informal childcare arrangements exist. The definitions of key workers are available from Scottish Government.
  • All schools will deliver learning remotely from 11 January. School buildings will only be open to key workers and vulnerable children as detailed above.
  • School buildings will remain closed in January 2021 in line with Scottish Government guidance.

Term 1

Pupils resume Wednesday 12 August

Autumn Holiday (schools closed) - Friday 18 September 2020

Autumn Holiday (schools closed) - Monday 21 September 2020

All Return - Tuesday 22 September 2020

All Break - Friday 16 October 2020

Staff In-service Day 3 - Monday 26 October 2020

Pupils Resume - Tuesday 27 October 2020

Term Ends - Tuesday 22 December 2020

Term 2

Staff Resume - Wednesday 6 January 2021

Schools open for critical childcare for key workers and vulnerable children only - Thursday 7 January 2021

Schools resume for remote, home-based learning - Monday 11 January until end January. Key worker and vulnerable children can attend school buildings.

All Break - Friday 5 February 2021

Staff In-service Day 4 - Monday 15 February 2021

Pupils Resume - Tuesday 16 February 2021

All Break - Thursday 1 April 2021

Good Friday - 2 April 2021

Easter Monday - 5 April 2021

Term 3

All Resume (Staff and Pupils) - Tuesday 20 April 2021

May Day (Schools closed) - Monday 3 May 2021

All Resume - Tuesday 4 May 2021

Staff In-service Day 5 (pupils off) - Monday 24 May 2021

Pupils Resume - Tuesday 25 May 2021

Term Ends - Friday 25 June 2021

School holidays, opening and closing times

You should contact your school or consult your school's handbook for holidays, daily opening and closing times, as these vary from school to school.

If you don't already have a handbook, please ask your school for one.