Parents Early Education Partnership (PEEP)

PEEP is an evidence-based early intervention. It offer a strengths-based approach to working with families, valuing and building on what parents and carers already do to support their children's development.

PEEP exists to help:

  • parents to improve their children's life chances by making the most of everyday learning opportunities at home from birth - listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books;
  • children to make the most of their opportunities by becoming confident communicators and active learners;
  • practitioners to reflect on their practice and work with parents and children together to enhance the potential of parents as their children's first educators.

Our programme

The PEEP Learning Together programme:

  1. helps parents / carers to understand how everyday activities help babies and young children develop and learn,
  2. helps practitioners to:
  • demonstrate to parents the value of what they already do with their children,
  • offer ways in which these things may be extended.

The programme is structured but can be delivered flexibly in groups or open access settings or with individual families. It can form part of a universal offer or used for targeted work.