Physical education, physical activity and school sports

The Scottish Government, through Education Scotland and sportscotland, has made a strong commitment to support local authorities to work towards providing a strong, inclusive, integrated and collaborative approach to Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport (PEPASS).

East Lothian PEPASS - Vision Statement

East Lothian professional learning communities make best use of teaching staff and key partners working across physical education, physical activity and school sport by having a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each aspect of PEPASS and how they interact with each other.

Staff work in partnership and plan together to build strong connections across PEPASS to provide all children and young people with a rich variety of opportunities for sustained involvement in physical activity throughout their school life and beyond.

PEPASS key priorities

East Lothian Council Education Services, Sport, Countryside and Leisure Services, supported by Education Scotland and sportscotland, have developed a PEPASS structure to address key priorities:

  • developing the delivery of quality PE
  • the delivery of 2 hours / 2 sessions of core PE for 3 - 18 years
  • participation in physical activity and outdoor learning
  • equality and inclusion
  • teacher and coach education and leadership
  • club development, coaching and volunteering
  • events and school sport competition