Food resources in East Lothian

There is a network of local organisations providing support for those who are struggling to access food, for example due to age or mobility.

There is also support available for those who are struggling to afford food, including access to free food, for example if your benefit has been sanctioned or delayed, or if you’re struggling to manage on a low income.

Resources vary from fresh or tinned ingredients to pre-prepared meals which can be reheated. Some will require a referral from Social Work or another professional, whereas others you can refer yourself to.

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Meals at Home Service

Our Meals at Home service provides a wide range of tasty Wiltshire Farm Foods frozen meals, including free-from and gluten-free, to vulnerable people such as the elderly or those with a physical or learning disability.

Delivered fortnightly, all you need is a freezer and a microwave oven.

Eligibility, extra support and current charges are explained on our website.

Find out more about the Meals at Home service.