Scottish Welfare Fund - financial support in a crisis

Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) provides a safety net for people on low incomes. This is a discretionary scheme which means it provides grants that do not have to be repaid. There are two types of grants in the SWF scheme:

Community Care Grant and Crisis Grant

This provides a one-off grant if you are on a low income, or are facing a crisis. There is no need to pay the money back.

There are two types of grant available:

  • Community Care Grant – usually provides goods to help you settle into a new home (after hospital, care or homelessness) or if you’re in exceptional circumstances such as relationship breakdown or domestic violence
  • Crisis Grant – awarded to meet living expenses that have arisen as a result of an emergency or disaster to avoid serious damage or risk to the applicant. Examples include food, essential heating costs, nappies, toiletries, etc.

To apply you must be over 16, have a low income, have no means of support, have savings less than £700 (£1200 if you are pension age) or be entitled to a qualifying benefit.

Apply online for a Community Care Grant or Crisis Grant

Phone 01620 828 790 - leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.