Change of address/problems with your bus pass

What to do if you change address

  • if you currently live in or have moved to East Lothian you will need to provide proof of your current address (for example: utility bill, bank statement or council tax letter) - these documents can be taken to your local library for processing or emailed to
  • if you move from East Lothian to another part of Scotland, please contact your new Local Authority and provide them with your new address details and a new National Entitlement Card will be issued to you
  • if you move outside Scotland, call us to let us know - you should also return your card to our Transportation Department using the address on this page

What to do if your National Entitlement Card is lost, stolen or damaged

You should telephone 01620 827 827 and ask for "bus pass" immediately and report it if your card is lost, stolen or damaged.