Young Scot National Entitlement Card

Young Scot National Entitlement Cards are free and available to all East Lothian residents aged 11 to 25.

They can be used:

  • to access cashless catering in secondary schools.
  • as your library card in all East Lothian public and school libraries.
  • to get thousands of discounts in the UK and abroad (the Young Scot website has details of all the discounts available).
  • if you have a Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) tamper-proof logo on your card, you can use it to prove your age with many businesses (e.g. supermarkets, off licenses and cinemas).
  • to prove your identity on some internal flights (you should always check that this is acceptable with the airline first).
  • to get concessionary travel: if you're 16 to 18 years of age, or a full-time volunteer up to the age of 25, you are entitled to:
    • a third off adult single bus journeys on producing your Young Scot card and a bus travel pass.
    • concessionary voucher you can exchange for a free Scottish Youth Railcard that offers 50% off train fares in Scotland.
  • To obtain a digital identiy with Yoti.
    • Yoti is a mobile app which is used as a secure and easy way for citizens to verify their details to obtain a reusable digital identity. This can be used to prove who you are with many organisations online and in person.  

Top up your Young Scot National Entitlement Card

Add money to your Young Scot National Entitlement Card

Who can use your Young Scot Card?

You are the only person allowed to use your Young Scot card. Allowing someone else to use it is fraud and may lead to the card being cancelled.