Brunton Hall Journey Hub

Journey Hub is our term for what is often described in the sector as a ‘mobility hub’, and has been defined as “a recognisable and easily accessible place which integrates different transport modes and supplements them with enhanced facilities, services and information aimed at encouraging more sustainable travel, creating sense of place and improving journeys and travel choices”

At the Brunton Hall pilot site, the SEStran funding in 2021 enabled us to add electric car club vehicles with dedicated chargepoints, and electronic information boards to the existing bus stops, public EV chargepoints, local bike shop and parcel collection point and real-time transport information. We also supported a couple of trials of public bike hire, both standard and electric, under separate funding streams.

Our consultants, AECOM, worked with a multi-disciplinary team of ELC staff and community representatives to draft a vision of how the Journey Hub could evolve over time into a prominent sustainable travel gateway for Musselburgh. This is available on the link below.

Download Brunton Journey Hub Options Appraisal

This report is informing ongoing work such as the Musselburgh Active Toun project, and town-centre regeneration projects. Development of the Brunton Hall Journey Hub development has been wholly supported by external funding: Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (design work and signage), SEStran (e-bike hire and real-tim bus information), Sustrans Spaces for People (additional bike racks, and the Just Eat cycle hire scheme), and the Local Authority Infrastructure Project (additional charger for an additional electric car club vehicle). Local environmental group Fidra also made a contribution towards the specific inclusion of biodiversity features in the concept design. The lessons learned from this will be applied in future Journey Hub projects as we seek to expand them across East Lothian.

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