Caravan Sites

There are two types of Caravan Site licenses - Mobile Home Sites with Permanent Residents and Holiday Parks.  The definition of a caravan (in accordance with the Caravan sites and Control of Development Act 1960) is 'any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another'.

Permanent Residential Sites

This licensing regime applies to sites which are residential mobile home site that have permanent residents.  Mixed sites - which have permanent residents and holiday-use accommodation - are required to apply for both types of licenses.

Download the caravan site application form

Download the caravan site guidance notes

Download the caravan site licence conditions

Download the model standards for residential mobile home sites

Download 'a guide for mobile home owners in Scotland - Your rights and responsibilities' leafet 


Holiday/Touring Caravan Site

A holiday caravan site is where caravans are placed on a site for all, or most, of the year but are not continuously occupied as the occupiers' sole or main home.  A touring caravan site is used by caravans which are not permanently placed on a site throughout the year or occupied only temporarily.  A holiday or touring  site can have both types of caravans as well as motor caravans, trailer tents, tents, camping pods and timber holiday homes.

Download the caravan site application form

Download the caravan site guidance notes

Download the holiday caravan site licence conditions


There are some situations where a caravan site does not require a licence:

  • use of the land, if the use of a caravan is incidental to the enjoyment of a dwellinghouse within the curtilage of which the land is situated
  • agricultural land for the accommodation, during a particular season, of a person or persons employed in farming operations on land in the same occupation
  • land which forms part of, or adjoins, land on which building or engineering operations are being carried out if that use is for the accommodation of a person or persons employed in connection with the operation
  • recreational organisations like caravan clubs or the Scouts can apply for an exemption to caravan or camp without a licence - Social clubs: get an exemption to camp without a licence - GOV.UK (


Licence fees

Caravan Licence (5 years Residential, Lifetime Holiday)  

 01-25 caravans £578

26-50 Caravans £933

51-100 Caravans £1690

101 + Caravans £1890

Duplicate Licence £29

Variation Licence £69

Transfer licence £69

Please note **licence fees are non-refundable**